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Information contained within these communications was correct at the time of publishing. These news articles are for general information only and are not intended to be viewed as a personal recommendation. The value of investments and the income from it could go down as well as up. You may not get back what you invest. It is recommended that you seek competent professional advice, before taking any action. 

Budgeting - The foundations for financial planning

Taking the time to review your financial situation can really save you money and give you greater freedom and control to save for your future.

Make the most of your tax allowances

Each tax year, there are several tax allowances available which can be used to make the most of your financial plans. Unused allowances can be lost ? although you will have new allowances in the new tax year which starts on the 6th April.

Making the most of pension freedoms

Since the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015, you can access your retirement savings in full from age 55. £6.7 billion was withdrawn from pension funds in 2017, the highest amount since the new rules were introduced. Find out how can we help you provide for your retirement income in the most tax efficient way?

Second properties - friend or foe?

Over 11 million UK residents have to complete their Self-Assessment tax return for the 2017/18 tax year by 31st January 2019. For many, the need to complete a self-assessment return is due to the additional income received from buy-to-let properties.

The value of staying invested

When markets are experiencing volatility, it can be a human instinct to gather your investments and withdraw them from investment risk and shelter them into a safe haven. Belinda Coombs provides her insight into why remaining invested in the markets is beneficial over the long term.

Using your powers responsibly

Being given the responsibility to act as an attorney to manage the financial or health affairs of another person can be a considerable task and for many clients it can be a challenge. Salvatore Volante provides some guidance on the responsibilities of an attorney and explains how our advisers can help you if you become an attorney.

MIFID II - A clearer view on charges

We always aim to be clear and transparent about our charges. New regulations that have been introduced will provide further clarity on the fees and charges which you pay on your investments, both at outset and on an ongoing basis. Helen Luton looks at these new rules and what you can expect from Origen.

The 2018 Budget

In the Budget speech on Monday 29th October, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, announced several tax proposals. With the prospect of higher UK growth than previously anticipated and better than expected public finances, he was able to announce tax changes which could benefit financial planning for individuals and business.

Origen wins 'Adviser of the Year' - for the third consecutive year!

Origen has won Financial Adviser of the Year (Medium to Large Firm) 2018 at the MoneyAge awards in October 2018 in the face of very strong competition.

Child Trust Funds - coming of age

Lesley McReynolds reflects on how Child Trust Funds (CTF) and Junior ISAs can be used to help towards your and your children's financial goals.

A valuable boost for retirement savings

Whenever you contribute to your pension, the Government will also add money, via pension tax relief. Pam Henley assesses the value of pension tax relief and how it can benefit your retirement savings.

Have you lost the savings habit?

Recent reports suggest that savings across the UK are in decline. Jayne Lucas reflects on the benefits of having a savings habit and shows the importance of setting an example for friends and family and the younger generation.

US protectionism - a threat to global investments?

Kerry Thomson asks Edward Smith of Rathbones, who are on our panel of discretionary fund managers, about the growing threat of protectionism and considers how this could impact global economies and investments.

Origen Financial Services is recognised for its award winning services

We are delighted to announce our latest awards for 2018, in recognition of our excellent service and putting clients at the heart of what we do

On budget, on time and on target

Taking the time to review your financial situation can really save you money and give you greater opportunity to save for your future. Vanessa McCloy explains the benefits of good preparation when it comes to financial planning.

What shape is your retirement?

Income needs change in retirement and keeping track of your funds can be a hard task. Michael Spence shows how we use cash flow modelling to help you get the most out of your retirement funds and stay in control

A retirement fund for income or for the next generation

Chris Howard discusses how retirement planning is a key part of the estate planning process.

The changing state of estate planning

Financial planning can quickly evolve; as regulation and tax changes, we often see new challenges arise which may bring into question existing arrangements. Barry Crawford guides you through some options for protecting the value of your estate for your chosen beneficiaries.

Providing income in retirement tax efficiently

After receiving an income through employment during working life, Nella Correia considers the options for providing retirement income and the tax consequences of these actions.

ISAs - The fast track to growing your wealth

A new tax year gives new ISA allowances for tax-free investments. Sian Kent demonstrates the value of ISAs and how they can really save you tax and help you get more from your savings.

Tax planning opportunities

As we approach the end of another tax year, you should take the time to check that you have made best use of the tax allowances available.

Learning to speak the language of funds

Understanding the information provided on a fund factsheet can give you a good headstart in helping you to check that your selected funds match your attitude to risk and that the fund is delivering in line with your expectations. Michael Pashley provides a guide to the common information provided on fund factsheets.

How to manage your retirement income

The Freedom and Choice changes in 2015 gave people at retirement greater flexibility over access to their pension funds. Salvatore Volante looks at some of the potential pitfalls and how to manage your retirement income.

Building foundations for successful financial planning

Taking the time to review your financial situation can really save you money and give you greater opportunity to save for your future. Leon Hunt gives some handy tips on how budgeting can help you and your finances.

The value of hindsight in retirement planning

Expectations of retirement are changing - the image of reaching retirement, mortgage free with a generous income from employer pensions is increasingly becoming the exception rather than the rule.

Be wary of investment scams

Over recent years there has been a concerning increase in investment scams. Alec Ramsey, Head of Compliance, provides an insight into watching out for warning signs and how you can avoid becoming a victim of investment scams.

The Autumn Budget 2017

Following the Chancellor Philip Hammond?s first Autumn Budget in November 2017, here are the key announcements which affect financial planning.

How does a rise in interest rates affect your finances

Many of our borrowings and savings are linked to the Bank of England's base rate so what impact could a 0.25% rate rise have on our savings and borrowing?

Investments on a platform or do the leg work yourself?

Keeping track of all your investments can be time consuming and a real challenge to maintain. You may have investments, including ISAs, and pension plans, but they may be spread across many different banks and product providers.

Origen wins top award at MoneyAge awards...again!

Origen has won Financial Adviser of the Year (Medium to Large Firm) 2017 at the MoneyAge awards in October 2017.

Freedom and Choice at retirement

In 2015 the Freedom and Choice in pensions legislation introduced greater flexibility about how you can take the benefits from your pension fund.

Tackling inflation - taking a bite out of your finances

Inflation figures have recently been hitting the headlines, having reached 2.9% this month, its joint record highest level in the last five years. Why does inflation matter?

Know your limits for Inheritance Tax

The current amount that an individual can pass free of Inheritance Tax stands at £325,000 (often referred to as the Nil Rate Band (NRB). Find out more about the Inheritance Tax limits.

Gift planning and how to manage Inheritance Tax

Providing financial support to friends and family, such as children or grandchildren, can be very rewarding ? especially when you can see the benefits.

Timing the markets...is now the time?

Volatile markets may put you off from investing and knowing when to invest in stockmarkets can be a difficult task. But with cash returns at low levels and inflation on the rise, how can we help you manage market volatility?

UK election - hung parliament

Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble of calling a snap election in a bid to increase her majority and provide her with a strong mandate has spectacularly back-fired.

Looking for health, wealth and happiness in retirement

When you approach retirement, you now have even more choices than ever before. The new pension rules introduced in 2015 now allow you to take your fund flexibly ? either in full all at once or gradually over the term of your retirement.

The Finance Bill - May 2017

After the Budget in March, the proposals were put into legislation through the recent Finance Bill.

Investments - the risk of taking no risk?

When it comes to savings, risk is often regarded as the enemy ? but in order to achieve the level of returns we need and to help us towards our financial goals, we need to get the right balance between risk and return.

Protecting the value of the State Pension

Since the Government?s announcement to hold a snap General Election on 8th June, the triple lock on the State Pension has been under the spotlight.

Surprise announcement from UK Prime Minister, Theresa May

We have just seen the surprise announcement from the Prime Minister, Theresa May, that there is to be a snap General Election on 8th June.

Getting NICs in a twist

In the March Budget, the Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced that the Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for the self-employed would rise by 1% in 2018/19 and a further 1% in 2019/20. However the following week, he issued a letter to confirm that there would be no increase to Class4 NICs in this Parliament

How can ISAs help my retirement planning?

With ISA limits on the rise, you can save more and benefit from the generous tax treatment ? gains are free of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax - and ISA income does not have to be declared on your tax return.

The 2017 Budget

Despite the Budget containing few new announcements, there were some changes coming in from 6th April 2017, which may impact your financial plans.

Sharing your wealth with who you want

You have a number of allowances available to you each tax year which can be utilised to reduce your tax bill. By using your portfolio tax efficiently you can pay less tax which means you keep more money for yourself.

Should I stay or should I go

Many people have pension fund benefits which are based on your salary and service, known as defined benefits, rather than on the contributions made and value of the fund.

Money to save? How can ISAs help you towards your financial goals?

You may have cash investments or OEIC or Unit Trust funds, but holding these investments in ISAs is beneficial as they have special tax exemptions.

How can retirement planning help your money go further?

If you are saving for retirement, making pension contributions offers attractive tax benefits as the contributions will receive tax relief.

Origen recognised again in the 'Top 25' Financial Planning Companies

We are proud to be listed in thewealthnet 'Top 25' Financial Planning Companies 2016. We were also included in the ?Top 25? list for 2015, so we are pleased to continue this success

Origen wins top award at MoneyAge

Origen won Financial Adviser of the Year (Medium to Large Firm) at the MoneyAge awards. Given to the Financial Adviser firm which has demonstrated a successful service offering, it shows a true understanding of the advice market and puts the client at the heart of everything it does.

The future for buy-to-let

Tax changes aimed at damping down the buy-to-let market come into effect on 6 April next year. Higher and additional rate mortgage interest relief will be phased out over three years and from 2020/21 interest relief will be limited to the basic rate of 20% for all rental property owners.

Origen survive Tough Mudder challenge

Origen sent a team of 5 brave soldiers to run/wall/climb and jump through 10 miles of mud, ice and electricity, overcoming obstacles built to test the team mental grit, camaraderie and physical fitness, all in the name of charity, to raise awareness and support Childlife.

Proud member of Kidsafe

Origen Financial Services, are proud to be involved with Kidsafe as a platinum supporter, helping them to achieve their aim of providing the required literature and educational games to every primary school across the country free of charge.

Securing your children/grandchildren's future (without ruining your own!)

The 'Bank of Mum and Dad' may sound like a joke, but these days many parents find their children turn to them for financial help well into adulthood.

Best Retirement Adviser - Money Marketing Awards 2016

Recognised once again in the Money Marketing awards 2016, as a finalist in the Best Retirement Adviser category

Base rate at record lows in the UK

The Bank of England has cut the Base Rate by 0.25% to a record low of 0.25%. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted unanimously to cut the interest rate whilst the committee said to expect a further rate cut to near zero by the end of the year.

ACQ5 UK Retirement planning advisory firm of the year

We are proud to be awarded the ACQ5 (Acquisition Finance Magazine) Global Awards 2016 'UK Retirement Planning Advisory Firm of the Year', for the third consecutive year.

Property Funds suspension due to Brexit

Alongside Sterling, Property Funds have felt the greatest impact from the EU Referendum.

Economic Update - July 2016

We ask Richard Wallis, our Head of Research & Investment, to reflect on the first half of 2016 - and to assess the investment outlook, particularly following Brexit.

Finest in Finance Award Winners 2016

We are proud to be awarded the UK's 'Finest in Finance' Award at Wealth & Finance's Finance Awards 2016. Being recognised by Wealth & Finance for our on going innovation and expertise within the financial services profession is a great honour for us.

Money Marketing award winners

In 2015 Origen were once again recognised in the Money Marketing awards, and were finalists in the following categories.

Our London office has moved

We are now in a great central location, five minute walk from Chancery Lane tube station. If you work in the city, or live nearby it's an ideal place to meet your consultant for meetings. Get in touch with us to discuss.

Origen recognised for their award winning Retirement advice

Origen have been awarded the ACQ5 (Acquisition Finance Magazine) Global Awards 2015 - UK Retirement Planning Advisory Firm of the Year award, for a second year running.